Friday, July 8, 2011

Introducing: The Tutor

Press Release
July 8, 2011

Integro officially announces the product launch of its latest innovation for Electric Vehicle Charging, its Break Away Cable Assembly - The Tutor (patent filed 61/146-464).  Tutor, which is Latin for protect, defend, safeguard, fully embodies and exemplifies the intended use and benefits of Integro’s latest innovation.  The Tutor is the most efficient and effective way to safely shut down charging during a pull incident or other related mishap, while completely protecting the charging station from damage or destruction.

NEC 625.19 states “Automatic De-Energization of Cable.  The electric vehicle supply equipment or the cable-connector combination of equipment shall be provided with an automatic means to de-energize the cable conductors and electric vehicle connector upon exposure to strain that could result in either cable rupture or separation of the cable from the electric connector and exposure of live parts.”  The Tutor is designed to achieve this mandate in the safest way possible.  It is designed to unplug without hazard and shut down charging, yet remain in its harness, rendering it theft proof and tamper proof.  The operator can easily plug the connectors back in and reset the charging station to resume charge.  It is ideal for commercial applications and can be utilized to guarantee that revenue streams are not interrupted due to charging station or J1772 connector damage.  It actually protects and defends that from happening.

Integro will be launching its newest product line at the Plug In 2011 show in Raleigh Durham, NC from July 18 to July 21 at Booth 108.  Please visit our website at to get more information on the product and to order trial samples.  We value your feedback and comments, so please also visit our blog while on the website to post your comments.

Integro is proud to offer the most sensible solution to safe charging, one that protects the entire system from damage and injury to the operator.  Safeguard your equipment with The Tutor Break Away Cable Assembly and protect your investment in Electric Vehicle charging.


  1. Your press release points to your website for more information about the product, but the only thing on your website about the product is this press release??

    Any place where someone could find more information about the product?

  2. Yes, there is a link on underneath the picture of The Tutor in the word 'innovation' that will lead you to a further description and more pictures of Integro's new product. Hope this helps!